“Must-Haves” on Your Promotional Poster

5 “Must-Haves” on Your Promotional Poster

Despite all the new digital promotional mediums available, you can’t discount the effect of a well-designed promotional poster. When you want the best, there’s no place to look but Abbott Communications Group. Our state-of-the-art equipment will have your posters come out crisp, clean, and colorful every time. Pick from a variety of materials, sizes, and palettes to create the perfect poster for your business needs. When designing the poster, don’t forget to include these 5 things that will maximize your conversions.

Strategic use of information

The content of a promotional poster is information, not visual entertainment. The poster can be more or less informative, and you can play around with this balance during your design. Want to pique interest and drive clients to your social media channels looking for more? Use a striking, surprising, or provocative image along with the key information of your business/event name and social media handles.

Attention-grabbing element

If it’s not at least a little visually interesting, people won’t look at it for too long. And if it looks like a public rules and regulations sign, people will probably ignore it altogether. Entice the reader to stick around by employing vibrant colors, a creative layout of information, or an unusual font.

Business logo

You might have the most striking, powerful poster possible, but if it doesn’t drive readers to your business, you are completely wasting your efforts. On a visual medium like a poster, one of the most effective tools you can use is your business logo. It takes up less space and conveys your company’s message more economically than words.

Meaningful images

It’s best to stick to one idea on your poster so you don’t confuse your reader. Thus, image selection is crucial to your success. You should pick those which get your message across most effectively. Promoting an orchestra coming to town? A simple poster with a violin and bowtie will work nicely.

Effective composition

How you arrange the elements of your poster can also contribute to its advertising content. You could blend words and images together seamlessly to create visual interest, or even twist images into shapes to spell out a word. Organize your poster so that each element works in harmony to tell the reader about your company or event.

Need posters to promote an upcoming event or business services? Abbott Communications Group can review your design and pull off a poster that will help you effectively convey your message. We’ve been serving Central Florida with high-quality printed materials for over 40 years. If you’d like to hear more about our services and rates, give us a call at 407-831-2999.

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