The Importance of Print Marketing for Your Small Businesses


The Importance of Print Marketing for Your Small Businesses

Digital marketing has become essential for every business, and understandably so. Websites, Google ads, emails, and social media marketing all offer businesses of any size to reach potential consumers all over the world. But, don’t think that these new marketing avenues eliminate the need for […]

The Basics of Trim, Margins, and Bleed for Print

Your business is trying to promote an upcoming event or a new product, and you’ve decided to use a flyer to start some buzz and stir up engagement. Good plan! But, before you can start posting the flyers all over town, you need to design […]

Why Are Business Cards Important?

When you can share information instantly with new connections at the tap of a button, it might cross your mind that business cards seem a little outdated by comparison. Who needs these little paper rectangles anymore when we have LinkedIn and Facebook to share personal […]

How to Avoid the Most Common Types Mistakes in Design

Whether you are using brochures to inform potential customers, business cards to convey your personal information, or posters to advertise your services, selecting the right font for your promotional material is critical for success. While it might seem like the font you use is a […]

Benefits of Marketing with Brochures

There are so many different ways to market your business nowadays. Technology has greatly increased the ability of companies to reach consumers in new, efficient ways. Targeted marketing through Facebook paid ads, organic SEO writing, and Google search pay-per-click advertising are just some of the […]

5 “Must-Haves” on Your Promotional Poster

Despite all the new digital promotional mediums available, you can’t discount the effect of a well-designed promotional poster. When you want the best, there’s no place to look but Abbott Communications Group. Our state-of-the-art equipment will have your posters come out crisp, clean, and colorful […]

Advantages of Using a Pantone Matching System

There are many factors that go into printing in color, including stock type, the printer, color system, printing languages, and more. In fact, color matching is one of the most challenging aspects of printing. Whether you’re trying to coordinate a large work function or a […]

Promote your Event with Abbott Communications Group

When promoting an event, regardless of the scale, you’ll want to use materials that will draw attention and pique interest. While using online tactics and social media methods is proving to be successful, methods such as direct mail still offer some of the highest response […]

6 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Brochure

It may seem simple, but the importance of a well-designed brochure in the world of marketing should not be overlooked. A successful brochure design grabs the audience’s attention and makes them want to read the information inside. It is a highly effective and cost-efficient way […]

How Abbott Helps Make the World a Greener Place

Minimizing environmental impact is more important now than ever, with the ever increasing industrialization around the world and increased demand we put on our planet. Both people and businesses alike need to do everything possible to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and with […]

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Companies are constantly searching for the best way to reach out to customers and prospects, which has led to the rise of online advertisements and technology-based marketing techniques, but direct mail is still one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising. What’s more, direct […]

Recommended Resolutions for Printing Graphics

The debate about resolution has been around as long as digital printing has existed, and there still seems to be much conflict over what the best resolution is for printing graphics. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to suit all situations, but the guidelines to […]

Why Our Digital Printing is Changing the Game

Traditional offset printing has for a long time been the gold standard when it comes to producing quality lithography, but when turnaround times need to be short, and design requirements require variety, digital printing is the answer. Digital printing is allowing us to provide shorter […]

5 Steps to Preparing for a Convention

A convention, conference, or trade show is not only a great way of bringing like-minded people together to exchange ideas, but it gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a captive audience. Whether you are hosting the event or you’ve purchased […]

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