The Importance of Print Marketing for Your Small Businesses

The Importance of Print Marketing for Your Small Businesses

The Importance of Print Marketing for Your Small BusinessesDigital marketing has become essential for every business, and understandably so. Websites, Google ads, emails, and social media marketing all offer businesses of any size to reach potential consumers all over the world. But, don’t think that these new marketing avenues eliminate the need for print marketing — if anything, they have only made it more effective.

Print Marketing Stats

Last year, FedEx Office conducted a survey to judge whether consumers still valued print media in light of new digital advances. And, the results were staggering. Here is just some of the data:

  • 90% of customers said that print marketing materials will always be necessary for businesses
  • 85% of customers judged that professionally-printed marketing materials would make them more disposed to give a company their business
  • 90% of customers said that they judge small businesses by the quality of their printed materials like business cards, posters, signs, and brochures

Clearly, about 9 in 10 people think that high-quality print marketing materials would help a small business be more successful. But, let’s dig a little deeper into these findings to see what they mean for your business.

Why Consumers Value Print Marketing

Seemingly no matter where, we are always exposed to digital marketing. It is on every website you visit and every Google search results list. Every time you scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you are exposed to a digital ad. Thus, it becomes easier and easier to ignore and scroll past. The targeted customer might only look at the ad for half a second before moving on.

By contrast, print marketing is much more permanent and lasting. If you hand someone a brochure, they have to hang onto it and divert their full attention to read it. Likewise, a potential customer might not be able to remember your Instagram handle after meeting with you, but they will know exactly where your business card is — in their pocket.

High-quality print marketing can also make you stand out from the dozens of other businesses in your industry. When there are so many companies out there devoting all of their marketing efforts to digital media, it can be hard for consumers to judge the quality of the company. Many consumers have been burned by shoddy businesses with slick digital media campaigns. Posters, brochures, and catalogs show that your small business takes the time to produce well-crafted promotional material, building trust with consumers.

Orlando Print Marketing

When you want to boost your sales with print marketing materials, Abbott Communications Group would be more than up to the task. Our premier printing and mailing services over the past 40+ years has cemented our reputation as the best print marketing service partner in Orlando. To learn more about our services and print materials, browse our website or call 407-831-2999.

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